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antigone retold
25 to 27 november 2022

Antigone Posters.png

Antigone Retold is a reimagining of the tale of Antigone, daughter of the cursed house of Oedipus and an anachronistic feminist icon who was centuries ahead of her time. Our version follows the tale of Antigone as portrayed by our traditional cast who speak the script as translated from Sophocles’ original play from 441BCE however, interspersed amongst the ancient narrative, we have exchanged the chorus of “old Theban citizens” with the Seven Devils of Greek Mythology.


Meta-directed by Calliope, the muse of epic poetry and our new chorus leader, our audience is introduced to Athena, Hera, Medusa, Aphrodite, Megara and Pandora who provide us with the complicated contemplations of the 21st century feminist in relation to the central narrative of Antigone. Antigone Retold consciously shines the proverbial spotlight on this group of formidable, famous mythological women who have occupied an intricate feminist and even anti-feminist space for 2500 years. Perhaps it’s about time we heard what they think…

DIRECTOR: Lauren Noble - check out her profile here

CHOREOGRAPHER: Sashin Kandhai - check out his profile here

PERFORMANCE: Details to be announced soon

If you are interested in supporting our production in ways that don't involve you being on stage, please contact our Creative Director. We are always looking to collaborate with talented creatives in the fields of:

  • Patronage (sponsoring elements of the show and our associated research into the arts and arts education)

  • Photography and videography (we want to get very creative with this!)

  • Set design and construction

  • Costume design, make-up and hair (make-up artists, we want you!)

  • Backstage crew

JOMBA! Khuluma

jomba! dance writing residency
august 2022


Our JOMBA! Khuluma Writing Residency is a global collaborative platform which coincides with the JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience happening in Durban (South Africa) and digitally across the world - check out the promo from the digital festival last here right here!

The original concept of writing to make a difference was taught to our Creative Director, Lauren Noble, during her years at UKZN’s Howard College. She attributes a lot of that learning to her work with JOMBA! Khuluma as one of the original writers in the 2010 inaugural writing residency. co|laboratory has now been provided the opportunity to bring some of that wonderful collaborative teaching and learning energy through to the UAE where critical discourse, journalistic practice and dance writing needs a welcome boost to see us into the future of arts and culture in this space.


The writing residency is therefore open to all senior scholars, university students and adults who have a vested interest in dance, choreography, creative writing and journalism in any capacity and at any level. The collaborative nature of our work means we will meet you at your ability, and craft a program which is tailored to your interests or career pathway.

AGE: Senior scholars/university students/adults (due to mature content)

WHEN: August 2022

FACILITATED BY: Lauren Noble - check out her profile here

SUPPORTED BY: Clare Craighead - check out her profile here

VENUE: Virtual and at many, many coffee shops in Dubai!



musical theatre summer course
22 to 26 august 2022

Musical Theatre Course
august mawaheb musical theatre.png

This August, Mawaheb Art Studio is playing host to our amazing musical theatre course which is all about performance and design skills working together to make magic on stage! Using the original play The Mixtape Factory (written by Lauren Noble) as a starting point, our students will attend mini-auditions, create characters, craft their own costumes or props, perform scenes, choreograph dance routines and showcase their skills in a short performance at the end of the week!

Participants will learn skills across the following art forms associated with the musical theatre industry:

  • Performance: acting in character in a scene from The Mixtape Factory.

  • Theatricality: elevating performances with an energetic, larger-than-life style.

  • Musicality: using music to heighten a performance.

  • Choreography: an inclusive dance approach which merges basic choreo for newbies with intermediate choreo for those who might already have dance training or experience.

  • Prop design: using an upcycled approach which seeks to reuse instead of buy new.

  • Participants who opt for the theatre kit add-on will receive a package of high-quality merch and design items which support continued learning at home (valued at 250dhs)

VENUE: Mawaheb Art Studio, Al Quoz 3 (view map here)

DATE: 22-26 August 2022 (this is a 5 day course)

TIME: 10am to 1pm daily

COST: 800dhs with upcycked materials only, 1050dhs for additional theatre kit 

AGE: 13+

INSTRUCTOR: Lauren Noble (check out her profile here)


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