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jomba! khuluma residency
starts 18 august 2021


Our JOMBA! Khuluma Writing Residency is a global collaborative platform which coincides with the JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience happening in Durban (South Africa) and digitally across the world - check out the first promo here!

The original concept of writing to make a difference was taught to our Creative Director, Lauren Noble, during her years at UKZN’s Howard College. She attributes a lot of that learning to her work with JOMBA! Khuluma as one of the original writers in the 2010 inaugural writing residency.


co|laboratory has now been gifted the opportunity to bring some of that wonderful collaborative teaching and learning energy through to the UAE where critical discourse, journalistic practice and dance writing needs a welcome boost to see us into the future of arts and culture in this space.

STUDENTS: Selected specifically to form our inaugural cohort

DATES: Wednesday, 18 August to Sunday, 5 September 2021

AGE: Exam-level senior students and adults (due to mature content)

FACILITATED BY: Lauren Noble - check out her profile here

SUPPORTED BY: Clare Craighead - check out her profile here

VENUE: Virtual and at many, many coffee shops in Dubai!

WEBSITE: https://jomba.ukzn.ac.za/ 

BLOGSPACE: https://jombafestival.medium.com/


theme 8 festival
performing in october 2021


Our cast and crew are hard at work behind the scenes creating a completely original play which will be performed for the very first time in the UAE on the main stage at The Theatre at Mall of the Emirates as part of Orb Events' Theme 8 Festival!

Checkmate is a Postmodern production which follows the fragmented narrative of a collection of chess pieces as they play their way across an oversized but invisible chessboard. Throughout the game the backline pieces are compelled to reclaim ownership over their own identities, struggling to establish new roles by attempting to manipulate the rules of the game. Is that what happens when characters lose their muchness?

PERFORMED BY: 8 young Dubai creatives 

DIRECTED BY: Lauren Noble - check out her profile here


VENUE: The Theatre (Mall of the Emirates)

If you are able to sponsor any of the following items to support our creative process, please reach out to our Creative Director here. Our main aim for the design of this production involves the concept of upcycling so that we become a more sustainable theatre model for short-form productions such as festivals in the UAE.

  • Black, white or red fabrics (curtains, sari materials, swatches)  

  • Black, white or red accessories (belts, jewelry, fancy dress items)

  • Old chess pieces

  • Venues for shooting creative content for our documentary

  • Support with make-up design, sewing etc.

  • Support with creative photography sessions


auditions notices
coming soon!


We're almost ready to announce auditions for our brand new theatrical adaptation of an old (and awesome!) classic. At co|lab creations, we're always trying to find ways to make our favourite performing arts productions more accessible to our audiences and this particular concept is taking the contrasts between old and new, ancient and contemporary to new heights. 

Our JOMBA! Khuluma Writing Residency holds the honour of being our first academic collaboration but this project will also be our very first co|lab collective creative undertaking. Our Creative Director, Lauren, will be working with the cast and crew in the UAE whilst our choreographer, Sashin, will be choreographing the production from South Africa! A truly global collab! 

CONCEPT: Lauren Noble and Sophocles

DIRECTED BY: Lauren Noble (UAE) - check out her profile here

CHOREOGRAPHED BY: Sashin Kandhai (SA) - check out his profile here

If you are interested in supporting our production in ways that don't involve you being on stage, please contact our Creative Director here. We are always looking to collaborate with talented creatives in the fields of:

  • Photography and videography

  • Set design and construction

  • Costume design, make-up and hair

  • Backstage crew

  • Scriptwriting and table read support (especially in those early stages!)

PS: The image of Dionysus was created by the artist Yliade who has their entire collection of beautiful works on Instagram here please check them out, like and share.


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