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Our creative director is a qualified English and Drama teacher with over 11 years of experience in the classrooms of Durban and Dubai where she was determined to carry every curriculum into the 21st century. Over the past decade she has also worked as a tutor in bespoke programs that are created to meet every student at their level and work with them to achieve their potential in subjects such as English Language and Literature, Drama and Theatre Studies, Film and Media Studies. Lauren also takes great pride in providing pastoral support and careers advice when working with young people for their university applications, exam preparation and study techniques. Our prospectus has also been tailored to ensure almost every program can be taught as a private, one-on-one program for students of various ages and levels of proficiency.


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"Collaboration is at the forefront of everything she does, which results in a classroom that always inspires and sparks creativity."

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"Her engagement with our own strengths and weaknesses creates a supportive environment that pushes us to achieve our full potential and flourish under her guidance."

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"She created the foundation of the subject and provided me with a deep insight that I now find extremely useful."

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"Lauren uses our opinions and experiences to create an environment where we can discuss and develop ideas to create meaningful work." 

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"The level of effort and passion Lauren Noble puts into her work is inspirational. To be honest... I have never seen a teacher put so much effort into helping every student"

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"Lauren Noble is an extraordinary and unique teacher who unleashed my love for the performing arts."


GCSE Drama

“Lauren Noble's passion and 

perpetual enthusiasm for theatre

is reflected in her teaching, making lessons a place where creativity is unleashed, awakening a lifelong love 

for the theatre in her students. Her engagement with the strengths and

weaknesses of every student creates

a supportive environment that pushes them to achieve their full potential and flourish under her guidance.”

~ Neha, Year 11 

GCSE Drama is a subject which requires a student to be a master of versatility in an industry that is as immense and varied as the coursework leading up to those final exams. A working knowledge of design, performance and directing is necessary to access every feature of the course and a practical, hands on approach to learning is the only way to achieve such an extensive knowledge and skills base. co|laboratory has created a tutoring program that places the needs of the student at the centre of everything we do. We offer 1 hour sessions in:

  • Guided set text analysis

  • Intentional theory exam preparation

  • Targeted portfolio writing support 

  • Performance improvements (individuals and group)

  • Design improvements

  • Bespoke "back to basics" kickstarter course


co|laboratory has created a tutoring plan specifically for students and young adults who are required to take the IELTS to further their studies or career paths. We use a blend of active learning, exam skills and  guided activities that places the needs of each student at the centre of everything we do.  

We offer a Crash Course which is suited to native English speakers or those who have an adequate result from their most recent assessment in English. We also provide a Comprehensive Course for those who use English as one of their additional languages or want a few extra sessions for their own peace of mind. All of our courses are taught as a package to ensure we cover all four sections in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking and we also supply a personalized exam preparation and study techniques booklet to keep.

“Lauren Noble not only lets her extensive knowledge of the performing arts drive her

work but her passion for the theatre fuel it. 

She unlocks the potential of her students while further enhancing and nurturing their growth. Collaboration is at the forefront of everything she does, which results in a classroom that always inspires and sparks creativity. She guided me through my KS3 years in drama by exploring the

depths of the arts, building my confidence and

instilling profound love for the subject.”

~ Shazia, Year 10


IELTS Preparation



“Mrs Noble is an extraordinary

and unique teacher who unleashed

my love for the performing arts.

Her amazing ideas and enthusiastic attitude blazed a desire for learning and opened my eyes to the vastness that is the subject of Drama. Having been my teacher for three years, she taught me various skills ranging from scriptwriting and design to acting. She rooted the foundation of the subject and provided me with a deep insight that I now find extremely useful.”

~ Aditi, Year 10

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art has been at the forefront of developing performance skills in students from all over the world since the 19th century! LAMDA exams are the perfect way to take your interest in theatre to the next level, offering you the opportunity to transform your talent into skill by building your resumé whilst also earning UCAS points for your university applications. This is reason enough to take on a LAMDA exam at least once during your student career but add that to the plethora of skills and knowledge that you can learn and it should be a question of "when do I start?" co|lab classroom offers full exam preparation using LAMDA accredited materials. Exams can be booked by each student to fit into their academic timetable during the year and our company will work with you to create a schedule of activities and rehearsals to ensure you achieve your very best result. We offer 1 hour directing and critique sessions for groups and solo performers:

  • Performance exams: acting and devising drama

  • Communication exams: speaking verse and prose, reading for performance and speaking in public

  • Shakespeare exams: speeches and sonnets



Language and Literature

The analysis of English Literature requires all students to engage in an expansive working knowledge of the fundamentals of the language and contexts of the set works as well as the ability to structure knowledge for various responses for coursework and the final exams. co|laboratory has created a tutoring program that provides targeted support for specific tasks that the student provides us as well as opportunities to better their exam technique and preparation. We offer 1 hour sessions in:

  • Guided set text analysis

  • Academic writing support

  • Creative writing support

  • Language skills

  • Poetry skills

  • Exam planning and preparation

"The level of effort and passion Lauren Noble puts into her work

is both inspirational and infectious.

To be honest... I have never seen a teacher put so much effort into helping every single student and

will be forever grateful. I am

sure that many more fortunate admirers of the arts will be

inspired to greatness.” 

~ Jess, Year 11


Also Available...

“The face of education has shifted exponentially,

especially within the last year. For anyone in education

to think they can simply keep doing what they've always

done is now counterintuitive when considering how these changes have affected the way students encounter their own world. Some of the most inspirational individuals I know happen to be teachers... but these are the teachers that are burning out as they keep up with the demands of their vocation. co|lab classroom exists to bridge the gap between the idea and its execution as we aim to celebrate the amazing teaching

already happening by adding our voice to the

chorus in tangible ways!"

~ Lauren Noble, Creative Director  

One of the founding principles of co|lab classroom centered on the idea that education is an evolutionary construct. There is an exciting blend of the old and new in education and co|laboratory aims to respect the traditions whilst making room for the revolutions too! Our peripatetic program is just one example of how we want to work alongside the teachers who know their students and colleagues best by providing bespoke courses, performances, workshops and talks that engage targeted contexts and content. 

  • Touring Performance Bundle: consisting of a performance tailored to the audience requirements and moving into a set of bespoke workshops that relate to the analysis and evaluation of specific elements within that production. 

  • Careers Talks: for assemblies with senior students who are choosing subjects or considering university options and thus require access to discussions on the sheer range of pathways suited to creative study.

  • Corporate Initiatives: providing skills training and teambuilding activities for businesses wanting to extend their professional development programs.

  • Bespoke Optionswith room for any possibility, the options are endless! We'd love to hear your ideas and help make them happen for your students, colleagues or employees.