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Kirin Hilliar

as tiresias

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Kirin was always interested in acting (any type of performance, really), but studied psychology at university so she could have a “real job” to fall back on. Her journey has come full circle, however, as she finds that psychology and acting compliment each other so brilliantly. Kirin really appreciates the outlet that performing gives her, and it is her main form of self-care when managing her jobs as a University Psychology Professor, and as a working Psychologist in a private practice. Kirin has performed with a wide range of theatre groups in Dubai since 2016. She is a member of co|lab collective, the artistic ensemble platform of co|laboratory, and is also a committee member of Dubai Drama Group (DDG), Dubai’s oldest community theatre group. Kirin also does work in television, commercials and short films.


Having directed Lauren Noble in DDG’s May 2022 production of Lulu Raczka’s A Girl in School Uniform (Walks into a Bar), Kirin was very excited to “flip the switch” and have Lauren direct her this time. In the process of helping behind-the-scenes, Kirin has been in awe as she’s watched the production morph from a ‘typical’ stage production into a multi-faceted, interactive arts and education experience, almost like a mini-fairground! "And, of course, the chance to play a character as unique as Tiresias is just the icing on the cake." she says.

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