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The Tree of Hope

dryad education

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Copy of co_lab creations (1).png


The Tree of Hope (2022)


Paper, markers, wire, mod-mesh and mod-roc



Dryad Education


Lauren Noble and Sashin Kandhai

Girl Up On Stage

Team AngelWolf


Dryad Education are a one-stop-shop for artists, art students and art educators in Dubai. Their quality art supplies and personal service provide both artists and educators with everything they need to be truly creative.

Team AngelWolf is a non-profit foundation that promotes an inclusive, active life together with People of Determination (people with disabilities). "We first met co|lab when their Artist in Residence volunteered to assist with leading a freestyle inclusive dance routine for one of our community, inclusive, activities. We saw firsthand how openly and beautifully they embraced our mission for Inclusive Impactivity. From there the connection began and all the alignments came obvious. The mutual desire, passion and commitment to collectively and creatively connect community, where everyone (whatever their age or ability) is equally welcome. The Tree Of Hope is special to us… to us it is a symbol. A symbol that we can all unite and be part of, we can all add to its magical story, that will unfold. We all need hope for different reasons, but for the collective good. We hope for change. A change in perspective with inclusion, a change for a more positive, kinder, happier, global community, where everyone is included.

The Tree of Hope exists as a conscious collaboration between co|laboratory, Dryad Education and Team AngelWolf. The centre-piece is crafted as a wintery baobab tree, devoid of hope. It is only through the collaborative efforts of all artists within The Museum Mawaheb, working together to craft redacted poetry from the pages torn from Antigone, and placing them upon the tree in a way that breathes life back into its branches. We use art as the catalysing agent of sustainable social impact which is what Team AngelWolf do to pave the way for community, active living, adventure, and sport for all. Together with our art supplies sponsor, Dryad Education, and all installation particpants, we create art that excludes no one. This is inclusive impactivity in action!

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