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The Sisyphean Staircase

our collaborative ensemble


Live performance across multiple mini-installations of various forms and genres


Katherine Jones (in collaboration with Kirin Hilliar and Lauren Noble of co|lab collective)


Sasha Topic (in collaboration with Kirin Hilliar and Lauren Noble of co|lab collective)


Tiffany Hunter and Kimberley Ball (in collaboration with Lauren Noble of co|laboratory)

This piece is inspired by Lauren Nobles’ original script Checkmate. The Queens role in chess, the most powerful piece on the chess board, making her vulnerable, a target. The Queen is sacrificed for a better position, falling under the king’s command. More powerful than the king yet the game can continue without the Queen… but never the king.

This piece is a result of women being navigated through life regardless of their power or capabilities. This relates to Antigone’s strong and fierce nature, yet she is bound to be commanded like a piece on a board. Sacrificed, traded for a status or reputation. We are delighted to participate in such a powerful message, to pave the way for the next generation to know their power and to be a voice for the Queen’s that came before us… we will be your declaration.


Sophia and Lucia Cafoor-Camps

"None shall sleep! None shall sleep!
Not even you, oh Princess,
in your cold bedroom,
watching the stars
that tremble with love, and with hope!

But my secret is hidden within me;
no one will know my name!
No, no! On your mouth,
I will say it when the light shines!

And my kiss will dissolve
the silence that makes you mine!"

Sophia is a classically trained opera singer, pianist and violinist. She started her training from a young age at the Royal Academy of Music in London before moving to Dubai. She has gone on to perform in the UK, Egypt, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain, including at the Emirates Palace, Expo 2020, London’s Cadogan Hall and Cambridge University. Sophia was awarded a high distinction for her diploma in piano and is currently completing her diploma in voice studies. Sophia is active in the Dubai theatre scene. Earlier this year, Sophia starred as Éponine in Les Misérables 2020. She regularly performs in MTDXB’s sell-out shows in roles including Christine from Phantom of the Opera, Maria from West Side Story and The Lady of the Lake from Spamalot. She was recently nominated for Best Actress and Best Director in the Short+Sweet Gala Finals 2022. Lucia is a Ballroom and Latin dancer who competed regularly on the UK university circuit representing Cambridge University. She has a background in contemporary dance and musical theatre from her training at the Emil Dale Academy in Cambridge. Recently, Lucia choreographed for and performed in a play in Short+Sweet in Dubai which was selected for the Gala Finals. Lucia is also a classical musician and a music producer. She plays the violin and piano, having performed on national television (Dubai One) and in advertisements. 

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