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tanya van der walt

Name: Dr Tanya van der Walt

Hometown: Durban, South Africa

Living: Durban, South Africa

Qualifications: PhD in Drama Education (UKZN)

Experience: Almost 30 years of experience in making theatre (in all capacities – I have done every single job in theatre, except play a musical instrument!) and almost 25 years of experience in teaching Drama to both performers and teachers at university level.

Endorsed by: Lauren Noble

Proudest moment in your career?

One word – FrontLines! Being a part of the uncanny and amazing magic of the making of this work changed my life forever.  

Quote to live by in your industry?

"Art can expand the definitions of what it means to be human. … Art demands action from the midst of living and makes a space where growth can happen. … To me, the world often feels unjust, vicious, and even unbearable. …. I see pain, destructive behaviour, entropy, and suffering. I dislike the damaging behaviour and blindness of the political sphere. I watch wars declared, social injustices that inhabit the streets of my hometown, and a planet in danger of pollution and genocide. I have to do something. My chosen field of action is the theatre." ~ Anne Bogart, 2007

Five things we need to know about you?

  1. I’m a mom with a PhD – don’t underestimate me!

  2. I read every single day of my life. Without books, I think I would die.

  3. I am always collaborating – I think I was born to work this way. My whole PhD is about this!

  4. I am one of only a very small handful of people in South Africa whose PhD is in Drama Education – I have a foot in two camps.

  5. I am a mine of useless information, but sometimes that leads me to my greatest ideas. 


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