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co|lab classroom: Peripatetics


Non-Negotiable Policies

Non-Negotiable Policies (for all participants)

As a creative company, co|laboratory encourages conversations on matters that pertain to our ways of working. This is rooted in the notion of collaborative enterprise (learning through, with and from one another) in an effort to inspire rather than invalidate innovative thinking. There are, however, two policies which are non-negotiable, given that they pertain to our shared ethos and the safeguarding of all who work with or for co|laboratory. The consequences of breaching any of our non-negotiable policies will be commensurate with the severity of the situation. All decisions regarding consequences will occur after a thorough and unbiased investigation and arbitration process which aims to identify the appropriate next steps for all parties involved. The final decision thereafter will be at the discretion of the Creative Director of co|laboratory.


shared ethos policy

Our Shared Ethos Policy is available in its entirety by downloading the PDF copy above. This policy ensures an innovative, creative and safe environment for all involved in co|laboratory. All of our codes of conduct operate with six principles at their core: inclusivity, professionalism, respect, integrity, accountability and safeguarding. 

safeguarding policy

Our Safeguarding Policy is available in its entirety by downloading the PDF copy above. This policy ensures a commitment to the safety of everyone involved with our Company, without exception. All individuals, companies and institutions affiliated with co|laboratory must be aware of their position in the cycle of accountability and, as such, should always role model the shared ethos of our company. 


Peripatetic Programs

co|lab classroom (for the authorized representative)

6. refunds

Our peripatetic program is a bespoke offering in our company and functions with input from those practitioners working with or for our company. In the instance of cancelling a booked production with or without corresponding workshops, an entire touring cast and crew will be left without work despite such work being scheduled for them in advance. Refunds will therefore only be considered in the event of unforeseen circumstances or insurmountable impediments. Such issues must be discussed with the Creative Director as and when they arise.

  1. The official refund request must occur in writing, emailed to lauren@colabcompany.com. Please be aware that no refunds will be offered or prepared if the request is not made via email to our Creative Director (this includes - but is not limited to - text, call, online meeting or in-person discussion.)

  2. Refunds requested up to 30 days before the commencement of a scheduled peripatetic program will be made minus 20% for costs incurred by the company and its associates in preparing the program.

  3. Refunds requested between 30 days and 7 days before the commencement of the peripatetic program will be made minus the 50% deposit.

  4. Refunds requested between 7 days and the commencement date of the peripatetic program will not be offered.

  5. In the event of co|laboratory taking a decision to cancel a peripatetic program due to extremist events, natural disasters or government instructions, a full refund or offer for postponement or alternative delivery of the program will occur in discussion with those affected.

7. liability: site specific

co|lab classroom has a set of expectations developed from our own safeguarding and ethos policies which are to be signed by an authorized representative of the company or institution who is booking a peripatetic program with us. The signing of this waiver occurs before the commencement date of any peripatetic program with our company.


  1. This representative is an individual who has been authorized by senior leadership within the company or institution who is booking our peripatetic program to legally sign our waiver:
    • on behalf of their company or institution (whether educational or corporate), and
    • on behalf of all those participating in our peripatetic program (whether minors or adults)

  2. The signing of our online waiver in this way then necessitates that the organization of the logistics of delivery of our peripatetic program on site is the responsibility of the company or institution operating on or within the aforementioned site. This ensures that the company or institution are able to manage this event using their own protocols for safeguarding, discipline and well-being alongside ours.

  3. The company or institution are therefore expected to deliver safeguarding and safety documents and/or training to members of our peripatetic program prior to the event itself.

8. liability: general

co|laboratory reserves the right to:

  1. postpone a peripatetic program due to unforeseen or insurmountable circumstances with up to 7 days’ notice to the affected parties.

  2. cancel a peripatetic program due to our becoming aware of the company or institution being in contravention of the signed waiver for co|laboratory’s terms and conditions.

  3. monitor and record communications for quality assurance or legal purposes.

  4. cease a peripatetic program at any point if our ambassadors feel threatened, intimidated, harassed or disrespected.

  5. prevent any company or institution from booking a peripatetic program with co|laboratory.

  6. remove any participant from the program and non-participant from our area of operation due to behaviour, attitude or comments that are contrary to our non-negotiable ethos or safeguarding policies.

  7. take legal action against any individual, company or institution who infringes on the copyrighted material used or referenced within co|laboratory’s peripatetic programs.

  8. take legal action against any individual, company or institution who is found copying, distributing or reselling any of our copyrighted material as used or referenced within co|laboratory’s peripatetic programs.

  9. take legal action against individual, company or institution who slanders co|laboratory, co|lab classroom or any of our company associates or ambassadors on a public forum.

co|laboratory does not accept the responsibility for:

10. loss or damage of the personal property of a participant unless this loss or damage was caused by negligence of our ambassador or associate.
11. death or personal injury to any individual engaging in our peripatetic program as related to co|lab classroom or any other initiative within co|laboratory.

12. technical difficulties due to any equipment that is not our own that may result in disruptions to the standards of a performance, lecture, lesson or activity.
13. negligence on the part of the visited company or institution which may negatively affect the delivery or outcome of our peripatetic program.

Thank you for submitting your online waiver for participating in a co|lab classroom!

Your payment towards your peripatetic program acts as your agreement of these terms and conditions, however, we reserve the right not to provide paid services until such time as this online waiver is completed in its entirety.