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Vaibhavi Naik

as pandora

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Vaibhavi or (more conveniently) Vaibs was first on stage at age 5. Through years of performing in acting-related assignments, a short film, and some rare student productions onstage, she earned a reputation as an actor in school, and - as she was about to graduate - her first acting nomination. She carried this reputation to college, where she took part in Street Plays and Mimes, representing her college at state-level cultural events. Once, she wrote in her journal that there is nothing in the world that makes her feel more alive than the realization that she has a show to perform. However, she hid away her wish to take up theater professionally, out of uncertainty and self-doubt. It took living alone, and some reflection during the lockdown, for Vaibs to realize that it's time to make public her passion for the performing arts… it doesn’t matter what people say! 


Vaibhavi briefly took up Hindustani Classical Singing before returning to Sharjah, where she grew up. She yearned to go back to complete her training, but as fate would have it, she discovered a blossoming theater scene right here in Dubai (albeit several kilometers away but closer than New York, nevertheless!). Antigone Retold was the fourth production she auditioned for in the UAE, and her first ever role in a professional stage production - a role she still thinks arrived maybe a decade too early, given her novice status. She is in awe of Lauren and her impeccable judgment for seeing Pandora in her after just one short meeting. After all, Vaibs’ own story is a classic tale of finding her voice - just like Pandora in Antigone Retold!

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