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Founder Name: Chamone Beere

Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa

Living: Johannesburg, South Africa

Aiming for: A degree in Stage Management

Experience: 4 years as a Sound Technician, AV Technician and Arts Administration

Endorsed by: Chenoa Brenkman

Proudest moment in Offstage Podcast?

When one of my biggest inspirations in our industry contacted me and told me that she was amazed by my vision for Off Stage Podcast and that the world needs more platforms like this.

Quote to live by in your industry?

""The show must go on" - Queen

Five things we need to know about you and Offstage Podcast?

  1. VisionOff Stage Podcast was created to inspire people to pursue their dream in the entertainment industry no matter how difficult it may seem. Ours is a very close industry and no matter how hard things appear we will always lend a helping hand and help you achieve greater things, and help you grow in ways you never thought were possible.

  2. Mission: Off Stage Podcast's mission is to give technicians, artists, performers and lecturers a platform to share their story.

  3. Hopes for the future: To Interview many more creatives, share stories and continue to inspire so many more generations to follow their heart and pursue their dreams. I love humans and I love to see people, so therefore one of  my biggest hopes for Off Stage Podcast is that the episodes will be recorded in front of a live audience where people can come and meet the amazing creatives.

  4. "It's the will, not the skill!" Creating your own podcast doesn't take skill, it takes a person with a brave heart and the confidence to speak about something that they are passionate about. I firmly believe that everyone should create their own podcast. It is a healthy outlet where you can talk about things that interest you... and in a world full of people you will always have listeners and a very supportive community.

  5. Work Ethos: Nobody's a natural. You work hard to get good and then you work to get better. 


Offstage podcast

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