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Name: Lucy Magee

Hometown: Oxfordshire, UK

Living: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Qualifications: BA Hons in Acting (Rose Bruford Drama School)

Experience: 20 years as a professional performer and 18 years as a theatrical producer.

Endorsed by: Lauren Noble

Proudest moment in your career?

Producing and staring in Qatar’s first ever musical theatre production of The Sound of Music at the QNCC.

Quote to live by in your industry?

“Performing is not just a passion, it’s a business - you only get out what you put in!" - Lucy Magee

Five things we need to know about you?

  1. There is something very special about watching something you have created come to life and to watch it make an impact on an audience is a gift!

  2. I’m a method actor through and through - I’m deeply curious about people and what makes tick from inside out.

  3. Lauren (the founder of co|laboratory) once described me in a #colabinconvo as "a powerhouse of theatrical experience with an amazingly diverse skill set that extends quite far beyond her original wheelhouse" - I’m using this one forever!

  4. I have a two names - Lucy Magee (my real name) and Lucy Hunter James (my stage name).  I am also a Gemini... perhaps why I love character work and studying physicality so much because I am already two people!

  5. To be creative we have to lose the fear of being wrong, of making mistakes-  this is all part of the creation, enjoy every second of the discovery.

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lucy magee

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