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Aditi Agarwal

as ismene



Aditi has always been interested in the field of arts, where she has explored several areas within the industry... including being graded by Trinity College of London for music. Inside the classroom, while studying for her GCSEs, Aditi was introduced to the theatre industry where she felt a sudden spark which quickly developed into an entire world of imagination, creativity and collaboration. Since then, she has taken on many projects with co|laboratory including the award-winning play Checkmate for the Theme 8 Festival in October 2021. She also participated in the semi-finals of the Short+Sweet Festival last year, performing in The Bench with her director, Lauren Noble. Now Aditi is ready to take on any opportunity that presents itself to further explore the diversity of the performing arts and gain a more nuanced perspective on theatre.


Ismene’s character is defined as compassionate, loving, and loyal. While playing the role, Aditi was able to witness the depth and complexity present within such a multi-faceted individual. As Antigone’s direct contrast in both voice and personality, Aditi is excited to showcase the juxtaposition between these two characters and portray the diverse representation of women and sisters to the audience. "This has truly been a wonderful experience so far, and I can’t wait to continue my journey with the amazing and talented cast of Antigone Retold!" she says.

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