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Abishek Nair

as haemon

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Abishek is a professionally trained actor, teaching artist and director currently based in Dubai. He teaches theatre at his alma mater, the American University of Sharjah. He has performed at venues in the USA, UK and UAE. 


Antigone is a wonderful play - I am quite partial to the classics. When the opportunity to audition for the role of Haemon came along, I grabbed it with both hands. The dynamic between Creon and Haemon is of particular interest to me and Sophocles does a masterful job of capturing a loving yet fractured relationship between father and son. Honouring the inherent poetry of the playwright’s language while connecting to the truth of the relationship has been an interesting process - Sadiq and I had a lot of fun working on our dynamic under Lauren’s guidance. Working with everyone involved in this project has been a joyous and educational experience and I look forward to sharing our work with everyone.

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