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Vishal Kumar


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Vish is a writer and actor currently studying Climate Change Finance and Investment at the University of Edinburgh. Theatre, however, was his first love. Originally Indian, he grew up in Dubai where he studied theatre and improvisation. Vish enjoys picking apart society’s weird and wonderful ways, and brings these ideas and critiques to his creative projects. He has been an enthusiastic part of Dubai’s local theatre scene, and is an active member of MTDXB, Dubai’s premier musical theatre group. Abroad, he served as dramaturg for Oxford University's Brasenose College 2019 Garden Play, where he was involved in everything from costume design to assistant directing. He is due to feature in a production of Bare: A Pop Opera in Edinburgh early next year. He can be found on instagram under @idkvish. 


Vish has been delighted to be a part of Antigone Retold from an early stage, as a dramaturg and member of the creative team. He particularly loved working closely with Lauren and Kirin in the development stages, and helping see through those big initial ideas into the final script. He is so grateful for the chance to learn from such amazing creatives, and is cheering the whole team on greatly from Edinburgh!

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