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As an innovative theatre company, we are always searching for unique ways to redefine the performing arts. The act of redefining is often a costly one so we are transparent in our quest for individuals, companies and institutions who are willing to donate or sponsor our work at co|laboratory.

Your sponsorship will support the development of:

  • co|lab creations: touring productions, additional tech, further collaborations with professionals across our industry, venue hire, design equipment, charity performances, publication potential across various disciplines, festivals and events.

  • co|lab classroom: teaching supplies, mentorship programs, peripatetic programs in schools, paid internships for young creatives, cross-continental educational tours, guest speakers.

  • co|lab collective: Artist in Residence programs, cross-continental artistic collaborations, franchising opportunities.

We also offer four sponsorship packages which avail specific marketing opportunities for our sponsors:

  • Package #1: Playbill Package (for co|lab creations)

  • Package #2: Progress Package (for co|lab classroom)

  • Package #3: Patron Package (co|laboratory, company-wide)

  • Package #4: Product Package (co|laboratory, company-wide)

Should this appeal to you, please contact our Creative Director here.

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