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Lauren Noble

writer and director

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Lauren is a qualified performer, scriptwriter, designer and director who specializes in devising theatre which does more than just entertain. She credits the character of Lucy in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe as the role which began her journey from the school hall to the professional stage. That was in 2001 and she was just 11 at the time. Since then, Lauren has gone on to write and direct kids theatre shows such as ClueDon't! (2015), Timehop (2017), The Mixtape Factory (2018) and Footloose: The Remix (2019). She has also directed. acted and stage managed for festivals with plays like The Bench (2021) and The End (2021). Lauren's per passion for teaching is evident in the way educational opportunities are embedded in all of her methodologies for the stage. Lauren is also the founder and creative director of co|laboratory, a performing arts company which seeks to empower creatives of all ages through acts of innovative collaboration. Antigone Retold is the culmination of this ideology. 


Lauren advocates for the type of theatre that acknowledges its own responsibility: to shine the spotlight on aspects of that society. That's what Antigone Retold is. An opportunity to showcase feminism and the need for it using a blend of contemporary and classical stories that represent - to anyone listening closely enough - that we haven't really evolved much in our treatment of women in over two millennia! The arts is my chosen medium with which to fight for a better way...

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