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Name: Daniel Cuddihy

Hometown: Sunderland, England

Living: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

QualificationsBA Hons in Music and Technology (University of Essex) and Postgraduate Certificate in Education (University of Sunderland)

Experience: 15 years in music and 5 years in education

Endorsed by: Lauren Noble

Proudest moment in your career?

When my Year 7 students became the youngest ever finalists in the North of England Battle of The Bands. I watched on in a sold-out Miller Theatre in Newcastle as the crowd erupted with applause! It's moments like this that make you so proud and solidifies your passion to continue performing.

Quote to live by in your industry?

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination

and life to everything.” ~ Plato

Five things we need to know about you?

  1.  I once watched our bandmate at the time (Jade Thirwell of Little Mix) win X-Factor, not even knowing she had made it into the finals! She was so quiet and professional at rehearsals and it was definitely the most memorable way that someone has ever informed me they couldn't continue with our band!

  2. My father is also a music fanatic. I remember discovering the Bob Marley's  Exodus around the age of 17. When I went to tell him how much he would like it, he told me that he played that album on repeat when I was born and how I could sing any line back to him. Turns out the music was already deep inside my soul.

  3. Hearing your own music on BBC Radio as you drive to the grocery store in the inevitable English rain is a very bizarre yet magical experience when you're heading out to buy a box of eggs!

  4. I figured out the hard way that musicians get better by playing with musicians, there's no alternative option for that experience in my opinion. Traditional one-to-one lessons are fantastic for improvement but they will only take you so far. Grab your instrument and put yourself in a room where the musicians are so good it scares you... the rest will fall in line. 

  5. co|laboratory and I share a vision of creating artists who understand that boundaries aren't everything. Inspiration and passion will be the driving force for our music and theatre students to excel within the arts. 


Daniel Cuddihy

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