co|lab classroom

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co|lab classroom is the arts classroom for the 21st century, advocating for a more holistic educational model. One that responds to the arts as a living, breathing entity. One that appreciates that the arts will always be capable of immense and rapid transformation whilst still honouring its complex history around the world. Our aim is to provide you with a platform that not only acknowledges its own responsibility in evolving with the technology of the 21st century but is excited by the prospect of inspiring anyone with a love of learning and a passion for the arts to shape co|lab classroom into the type of classroom they never want to leave...

The idea is a simple one: as co|laboratory grows so too does the potential of the platforms within it. When we welcome a new member of co|lab collective we empower them to engage in upskilling and educating others through co|lab classroom. When a new co|lab creation takes place anywhere in the world we encourage programs such as masterclass or mentorship which runs parallel to the piece from pre- to post-production. With a resource library and bespoke resource creations, with tutoring academic content and the facilitation of training workshops, with careers talks from industry professionals and school productions, teaching and learning is an integral part of everything we do at here co|laboratory... and we wouldn't have it any other way!