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Can I Have A Word With You?

raindance film school dubai

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Can I Have A Word With You? (2022)


Photography, videography and graphic design installation


Andrew Smith and Matthew Corbett of Raindance

(in collaboration with Lauren Noble of co|laboratory)


Studying film in a dynamic city like Dubai gives you access to a huge variety of people and cultures from which to gain inspiration. Learning from active professionals in the industry and designing your course of study, Raindance Film School Dubai provide the equipment and the know-how to let your filmmaking career take shape. Their courses, classes and workshops are some of the most popular in the world, spanning disciplines and crafts such as screenwriting, directing, producing, cinematography, special effects, editing, lighting, sound and short filmmaking. Raindance is delighted to collaborate with the cast and crew of Antigone Retold and are looking forward to forging more connections with other artists across other creative industries, giving Raindance students unique and innovative opportunities within this region.


A word cloud pulls quotes directly from  co|laboratory's production of Antigone Retold and projects this onto a wall within the theatre space. As participants disrupt the path of the phraseology projection, they become the subject and object of the artwork. They activate the power of words to overwhelm the body, and are able to perform something within that space to further engage the concept of literature, film, photography and the semiotic idea of the words staged to be present on both the body and its environment, much like the influence of the media in the 21st century. 

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