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Ivana Jackson

as athena

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Ivana, born on a sunny October day under the influence of Venus and Mercury watched over by Saturn with no chance ever to be exempt from the world of art. Gained her formal education at Belgrade university again not accidentally with a Master degree in Stage design. Nearing the end of frolicking Venus years she is changing her rather introvert stage angle for the more extrovert one. Putting her self under the blinding spot lights and scrutiny of critique as a performer she digress,  or better progress on her artistic journey. Amid relocation and funding the family into different cultures she performs in two languages and was a part of various projects inside the Dubai expat community.  On a winding road of personal and professional exploration she finds time to obtain a dynamic family life with her husband and two children.


When I was little my grandad got me a children's version of The  Odysseus. I got hooked on The Greek mythology, instantly. I enjoyed Odysseus travels so much and was always fascinated by Goddess Athena his patron&savour. It was possible my first strong female role model. I was very excited to audition for this part. Upon joining the cast of Antigone, I discovered so many more layers to  this character, that I was not aware of. I had the privilege to share a stage with Lauren in the past but watching her direct Antigone is truly mesmerising, it is such a learning curve for me. Her and Sashin have created such an inspiring environment for us all. It is an absolute pleasure being a part of this show.

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