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Gauri Chadha

as aphrodite

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Gauri Chadha is an award winning filmmaker, event planner and an active member of the theatre community both in scripted and improvisational theatre in Dubai. She is formally educated in Film and Theatre from the University of Miami and Met Film School based in London. Her time is spent as a company member at the prestigious Courtyard Playhouse as a professionally-trained improviser, diving into year-round scripted theatre productions at The Junction where she has been nominated and appreciated for her work, castings for various commercials such as McDonalds and Rizek, role playing for brands like KFC and performing during live immersive murder mystery experiences. Her most notable performance would be playing the lead role in the comedy/horror production of Scary Bad at the Junction in 2021. With over 10 years of experience, working between Hollywood and Bollywood, time travelling through events and telling stories through the world of the stage, Gauri’s world is one that is consumed by the arts, seeking every opportunity to try and push her own boundaries and tell stories that seek the truth. ”A dreamer, storyteller & believer”.


When Lauren contacted me with the opportunity to audition for this play, I was very excited. We had interacted together during my last production, The Wolves, and I was very honored to hear that she thought of me right from the birth of Aphrodite and always had me in mind for the part. I have truly enjoyed the exploration of different art forms coming together such as dance, music and theatre, and am especially grateful that Lauren knew that I enjoyed to dance and integrated that into my monologue. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Sashin who is an absolute superstar! Aphrodite has given me an opportunity to unleash myself. She has given me a sense of freedom and playfulness that I have not explored yet. Aphrodite is removing my layers and expanding my exploration as a performer that is untouched leaving me to gain awareness of the way I navigate my own life as a woman in today’s world. 

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