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Antigone Retold

the interactive experience

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You are cordially invited to attend the unveiling of a truly one-of-a-kind exhibit. For the first time since their sculpting, The Seven Devils of Greek Mythology are finally reuniting to be displayed as they were always meant to be. Having spent eons in different museums and galleries around the world, these seven statues have never before been seen as a single collection… that is, until now!


Through an innovative choose-your-own-adventure museum membership with our friends at Mawaheb Art Studio, co|laboratory and our collaborative ensemble will provide you with a fully immersive artistic and educational experience. Taking place over 4 hours within an entirely (re)imagined space called The Museum Mawaheb, you are the one who holds the power to shape the narrative you want to experience by deciding where and when you use the tokens gifted to you as you enter our story. Here are a few of our offerings over the course of 4 hours:

  • Can I Have A Word With You? by Raindance Film School Dubai: an interactive art installation which allows museum members to become a functional part of the art within the wall (2 tokens)

  • Antigone Retold by co|laboratory: an immersive experiment in reclaimed narratives and a Trinity College of London performance arts exam which sees an exhibit of seven statues come alive and embed themselves in the ancient story of Antigone (0 tokens)

  • The Agora of Aristotle by Lamya Tawfik: a haven of books and an educational installation which is proudly sponsored by our cultural partner, Emirates LitFest, who are our very own literary heroes (2 tokens)

  • The Sisyphean Staircase by co|laboratory's creative collaborators: a series of exclusive flashmobs and performance art pieces which somehow emerge despite the many struggles of the 21st century artist (10 tokens)

  • The Tree of Hope by all museum members: our communal art installation inspired by Team AngelWolf''s message of inclusive impactivity and proudly sponsored by our artistic supplies and arts education partner, Dryad Education (3 tokens)

  • The Gilded Cage by Girl Up On Stage: a content creation installation aimed at celebrating the hybridization of the feminine feminist (3 tokens)

LOCATION: Mawaheb Art Studio, Al Quoz 3



  • Friday, 25 November (6pm-10pm)

  • Saturday, 26 November (6pm-10pm)

  • Sunday, 27th November 2022 (5pm-9pm)


  • 6pm: Token Installations #1 

  • 7pm: Exhibit Opens and Antigone Retold art installation begins

  • 8.30pm: Token Installations #2

  • 10pm: Exhibit Closes

  • Please note that only the Sunday exhibit opens at 5pm and closes at 9pm.


  • Bronze Age (105dhs inclusive of 10 tokens)

  • Silver Age (125dhs inclusive of 15 tokens)

  • Golden Age (150dhs inclusive of 25 tokens)

Please note that museum memberships are only pre-reserved through this form. Should there be space available, your reservation will be placed onto our PENDING MEMBERSHIPS list at the door. Entry into The Museum Mawaheb will work on a first-come first-served basis at the door starting from 6pm on Friday and Saturday, and 5pm on Sunday. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment. Cash and credit card facilities are available on-site. Token top-ups, snacks and beverages will also be available at the Mawaheb Café. If you are booking for a school, please email directly as we have geared our Sunday performance towards GCSE and A-level students with opportunities for further discussion with cast and crew.

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