Name: Akansha Goenka

Hometown: Jodhpur City - Rajasthan, India

Living: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Qualifications: MBA (Welingkar's Institute of Research and Management) and Diploma in Storytelling (Kathalaya International Academy of Storytelling)

Experience: 12 years in theatre and 4 years in education

Endorsed by: Lauren Noble

Proudest moment in your career?

Winning the award for Best Director in the Short+Sweet Theatre Festival in Dubai in 2019.

Quote to live by in your industry?

"We all must do theatre to find out who we are and to discover who we would become." - Augusto Boal

Five things we need to know about you?

  1. I am one of the co-founders of The Junction, community theatre in Alserkal Avenue.

  2. Supported a group of enthusiastic students to create The Greenroom, an independent theatre group in our community which works across age, gender and cultural demographics.

  3. Theatre is my passion!

  4. I absolutely love being with and working with children - they are always so creative!

  5. I have been involved in the theatre scene of Dubai for 12 years now, watching it grow from strength to strength.


akansha goenka